Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's not like anyone was trying to make a best seller!

     Ok, they were written after the fact.  It's not like anyone thought it was important enough to be sure a reporter followed him, from cradle to grave, everywhere and wrote about his every move quoting him left and right all the time.  What did he say or do that was all that newsworthy?  I mean look at how many others had done or were doing the same kinda stuff!  For all anyone knew, he was just another run-of-the-mill revolutionary wannabe happy to have a following.

      But, it was years later...  when, it was like some regular Joe's on the run behaving like the world should've already ended and seeing that their cohorts were dying, were grappling about trying to get enough materials to make a coherent story that had a beginning, middle, and closing about WHAT?  for WHAT?

     What if the writers had collaborated better and had only thought, "Gee!  You know this stuff is bound to make worldwide best seller lists!  We could make a fortune!"  Seems to me they'd done a lot more to spice it all up rather than start circulating these separate gospels that look so half baked and thrown together! 

    But, years after they'd found themselves walking and talking with Jesus, the one they saw crucified, the one God raised (Well, if he was really the same Jesus, who else could've raised him) from the dead after he had been dead a few days, and after they'd seen him go up into the clouds, and years after they started walking and talking about all this throughout the known world,

Dang!  We're not getting any younger!
Dang!  We gotta get this together!
Dang!  The world hasn't ended, something's up!
Dang!  We'd better start writin'!
Dang!  Someone should have been there taking note at the very start!
Nobody ever spoke like this man!
What do any of us remember?
What did he say?
What did he do?
Where all did he walk and talk?  Anyone remember?
Why was he killed?
Where did he come from?
Where was he born?
Is his father alive?  What about his mother?
Gotta find out all we can about this guy!
Is ANYONE around who can attest, or deny, what we're really trying to get across about the man?

Grappled they did ... around the same basic pieces of information:

1.  He was crucified,
2.  He was dead,
3.  He was buried,
4.  A few days later, he was raised from the dead (something only God could have made happen).

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